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22nd European Maya Conference: Malmö, Sweden

Maya Religion and History

11 - 16 December 2017

The 22nd Annual European Maya Conference is co-organised by the European Association of Mayanists, WAYEB, and Malmö University, Faculty of Education and Society in Sweden. The conference will begin with an introductory lecture to the workshops on Monday December 11th, followed by three-day workshops and concludes with a two-day symposium held from Friday December 15th to Saturday December 16th 2017 in the building Orkanen, ‘The Hurricane’, at Malmö University.


Learn more about the theme of the symposium, the speakers and all information related to the programme.



Learn more about the workshops on Maya hieroglyphic writing, the topics to be tutored and the programme.


Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for the EMC in Malmö is now closed. Wayeb thanks all authors who have submitted abstracts.



Information about the booking options, fees and modalities for the online registration and upon the day of arrival.



Information about prices and locations of hotels, rooms and floorspace registration.


There will be separate registration available for both events.

For further information, please contact the Wayeb Conference Board or the local organisers (Bodil Liljefors-Persson) at