The organisation of conferences, meetings and hieroglyphic workshops is currently the main contribution of Wayeb to Maya Studies within Europe.

The European Maya Conference series has become an annual event of international esteem. The EMC workshop is to date the most accessible opportunity for amateurs and beginners to learn about Maya Hieroglyphic Writing within Europe.

Besides the EMC, Wayeb coordinates or associates with other conference events related to the field of Maya Studies within Europe. While the EMC has certain rules and is organised according to approved internal regulations in order to assure a certain standard and profile of the event, other conferences associated by Wayeb can be coordinated following other organisational guidelines.

Museums, Libraries and other institutions interested in organising a conference in association with Wayeb are welcome to contact the Wayeb Conference Board. Wayeb does not associate with conference events that do not correspond to the organisation’s general policy and objectives.

If you wish to host a Wayeb Conference (EMC or other) in the future, please contact us:

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