26th European Maya Conference: Bratislava, Slovakia

ANCIENT MAYA AGRICULTURE – From Practice to Mythology

07 – 11 December 2021


The main topic of the conference is Maya agriculture examined from various perspectives: archaeological, including attempts to reconstruct the original techniques; anthropological, considering the current Maya agricultural practices that can serve as a comparative basis; and historical, capturing Maya agriculture in early colonial documents in close proximity to its pre-Columbian roots. Furthermore, linguistic, epigraphic, and iconographic analyses play a pivotal role, as do many other branches of learning, such as geography, ecology, biology, and chemistry. These scientific approaches should help us to understand not only the high population growth and viability of pre-Columbian Maya society, but also the issues of its environmental sustainability. The second major block of topics will be the questions of the transfer of agricultural cycles and patrons of individual crops into mythology, religion, and rituals throughout the course of Maya history.

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