This section contains various resources and internet links related to Maya Studies and Mesoamerican cultures. The information you find here has been especially compiled for this web page and is updated on a regular basis.

We are trying to include only valuable and serious resources & links. However, we do not take responsibility for the contents of any website for which we provide a link. Please contact us, if you want us to add an interesting link or if you have discovered a dead link:

Wayeb Resources

Text, drawing, image, and tool resources compiled by Wayeb members or exclusively posted on this website.


Electronic Texts

Compilation of a large number of scientific texts – all of which are accessible on the web in electronic format.


Museums & Collections

Inventory, description, and bibliographic references of the Maya objects hosted in European and Overseas Institutions.


Subfield Links

Compilation of links related to the different subdisciplines of Maya Studies, e.g. Ethnohistory, Archaeology, and Epigraphy.


Bibliographic Resources

Periodicals, libraries & archives, online bibliographies and book stores providing information about Maya culture.


Image Databases

Compilation of drawings and photo databases and archives which provide online accessibility and search.


Related Links

Wayeb Notes Archive

Wayeb’s own publication resource of research papers. The archive contains all numbers issued so far.

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