Constitutional Documents

This section provides the interested public with constitutional information about Wayeb. It contains the Wayeb bylaws (or Statutes), and all Internal Regulations which regard general procedures within Wayeb (Internal Regulations I), the organisation of the European Maya Conference (Internal Regulations I, Appendix 3) as well as other relevant documents. The documents are offered here in several languages.

This section contains the Wayeb Statutes, or bylaws.
The official version of the statutes is written in French. We also provide a translation of the new version of the Statutes into English. We are hoping to post a translation of the Statutes into Spanish soon.

The Internal Regulations contain guidelines that are not included in the bylaws or Statutes. The Internal Regulations define the activities of committees and working groups that are established within Wayeb. The Internal Regulations are accompanied by a Charter which contains the General Policy of the Association.

This document is not yet available.

Appendix 3 of the Internal Regulations I contains the EMC Regulations. This document is the official guideline for Wayeb’s organisation of the European Maya Conference. The regulations are based on a proposal that was submitted to the General Assembly in December 2001, when Wayeb assumed the responsibility for the future organisation of the conference series. The EMC Regulations provide the framework for a standardized format and character of the annual conference event that takes place in a different place every year.
The original version of the EMC Regulations is English. We are hoping to post a translation of the EMC Regulations into Spanish soon.

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