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If you wish to support the European Maya Conference and future Wayeb activities, we kindly invite you to join Wayeb as a supporting or sponsoring member.
Please fill in the online registration form by clicking on the button in the tab “Membership Registration and Administration”.

Wayeb membership is open to individuals only and requires the payment of an annual registration fee. The fee varies according to the type of membership.
There are four types of members in Wayeb:

  • Members (annual fee: € 35)
  • Sponsoring members (annual fee: € 140)
  • Statutory members (annual fee: € 35)
  • Honorary members (no fee)
  • Student members (annual fee: € 15)

All individuals interested in Maya Studies qualify as members of Wayeb as long as they accept and do not violate the Association’s statutes, regulations, objectives and policies.
In order to become a statutory member and take part in the statutory activities of the Association, members need to apply to the Wayeb Board in written form including a statement of motivation (see Internal Regulation, §4). The Board usually makes scholarly and academic interest and a demonstrable active involvement within Wayeb a prerequisite to statutory member status.
In the Association’s statutes, statutory members are referred to as “active members”.

Wayeb Membership supports:

  • the Association’s role in promoting and advancing Maya Studies in Europe
  • the organisation of the European Maya Conference
  • the emergence of ideas and the realization of further projects

As a Wayeb member we can provide you with a few benefits.

  • Conferences & Workshops: Members pay a concession fee in all events organised by Wayeb.
  • mexicon Discount: Members can subscribe to mexicon at the concession (= student) rate of € 20 (+ shipping).
  • Book Discount: Members get a 25% discount on all publications from Verlag Anton Saurwein.

We hope to be able to provide members with more benefits in the future.

  • Wayeb is a democratic, non-discriminating and non-racist association. Members are admitted regardless of sex, race, nationality or religion.
  • Wayeb is not a political or ideological association and does not interfere with national or international political issues.
  • Wayeb respects the national and indigenous rights of the countries (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras) that form the Maya cultural area.
  • Wayeb membership must not be employed or instrumentalized for any public or commercial activity without the permission of the Wayeb Board.
  • Wayeb dissociates from any form of commercially oriented activities which negatively affect, damage or destroy the basis of Maya research in a lasting and irreversible way.

We expect our members not to disregard these policies willingly.

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Annual memberships expire on the 1 September of the following year. If you want to stay eligible for EMC discounts and other benefits, please, renew your membership by logging in below.

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We also ask all members to regularly update their particulars, i.e. change of address and email, changes in individual status, research interests etc.

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