Wayeb Staff

Wayeb staff positions are established by the Association’s organisational structure. All positions are honorary posts.

President Dr. Harri Kettunen
Vice-President Dr. Jarosław Źrałka
Secretary Dr. Ramzy Barrois
Treasurer Celine Tamignaux, MA

Dr. Ramzy Barrois
Dr. Dmitri Beliaev
Dr. Laura van Broekhoven
Dr. Philippe de Carlos
Dr. Harri Kettunen
Dr. Geneviève Le Fort
Dr. Christian Prager
Dr. Frauke Sachse
Celine Tamignaux, MA
Dr. Jarosław Źrałka

Daria Baida Sekacheva
Dr. Ramzy Barrois
Dr. Dmitri Beliaev
Dr. Christophe Helmke
Dr. Harri Kettunen
Dr. Bodil Liljefors Persson
Dr. Jarosław Źrałka

Webmaster Dr. Ramzy Barrois
Technical Support Dr. Ramzy Barrois

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