Asociación Europea de Mayistas
(European Association of Mayanists)


(to be ratified at General Assembly in November 2003)

This Charter defines the General policy of the Association:

  1. Wayeb is a democratic, non-discriminating and non-racist association. Members are admitted regardless of sex, race, nationality or religion.
  2. Wayeb is not a political or ideological association and does not interfere with national or international political issues.
  3. Wayeb respects the national and indigenous rights of the countries (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador) that form the Maya cultural area.
  4. Wayeb membership must not be employed or instrumentalized for any public or commercial activity without the permission of the Wayeb Board.
  5. Wayeb dissociates from any form of commercially oriented activities which negatively affect, damage or destroy the basis of Maya research in a lasting and irreversible way.

Wayeb members are expected not to willingly disregard these policies.