Wayeb Photo Gallery

This section contains photos of Maya archaeological sites, monuments and museum collections.

The photos are listed alphabetically by place. By clicking on the thumbnail a navigable and scrollable screen overlay will open. With the keys “N” and “P” you may cycle forward/backward through the series of images, the key “X” will close the photo.

Please, send photos to Webmaster@wayeb.org. Images need to be submitted in the following format:

  • ideally a maximum width of 650 pixel in case of landscape format
  • you may restrict the height to 650 pixel in case of panel format photos
  • saved in JPEG with an average compression rate of 90%

Please do not forget to send along an exact photo description. This should include the year and place when the image was taken (i.e. in situ or name of museum/collection) and the name of the author.

Important Notes

Wayeb will not post photos of unprovenanced pieces which are previously unpublished, unless these are materials which are accessible in public context (e.g. museum). Images of pieces for which ownership and location are not stated, cannot be posted here. We are sorry.

A note on authorship: All photos in this section are originals – authorship rights are held by those who have produced them, not by Wayeb. If you use any of these images for your academic work, we ask for a proper citation of author and source. Commercial reproduction of any of these images requires the permission of the author – a sole citation of the Wayeb Photo Gallery will not be sufficient.

Bonampak, Chiapas, Mexico

Dzibilchaltún, Yucatán, Mexico

Jaina, Campeche, Mexico

Kohunlich, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Lagartero, Chiapas, Mexico

Xcambo, Yucatán, Mexico

Xlapak, Yucatán, Mexico

Yaxchilán, Chiapas, Mexico

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