1st European Maya Conference

Maya Kings and Warfare in the Usumacinta Basin

The Maya Conference held at the British Museum from June 22 trough 26, 1996 was not a Wayeb event. But it was the first European Maya Meeting and a great success. Later that year, a group of European Mayanists met in Brussels to create Wayeb.
Wayeb has ever since been associated with these meetings, in 2001, Wayeb assumed official repsonsibility for the EMC.

You can download the abstracts of the papers presented at the conference:


The papers presented at the conference were the following:

Peter Mathews
La Trobe University
White Dogs and Canyons: Classical maya Political and Military History in the Upper Usumacinta region.
Mary Miller
Yale University
What Happened at Bonampak: The Battle and Its Aftermath.
Simon Martin
University College, London
Piedras Negras: The Rise and Fall of a Regional Power in the Usumacinta Valley.
Nikolai Grube
University of Bonn
The Wars of Piedras Negras
Linda Schele
University of Texas, Austin
Warriors, Traders and Expansion from AD 700-950. The Mayanization of Mexico.
Normand Hammond
Boston University
The British Museum at La Milpa. Archaeology and Epigraphy of a Maya City in Belize.
Genevieve Le Fort
Universite Libre, Brussels
Gods at War: Impersonation in the Usumacinta and Elsewhere.
Antje Gunsenheimer
Elisabeth Wagner

University of Bonn
Yaxchilan – The Development of External Relations within the Sphere of two Opposing Superpowers.
Frauke Sachse
University of Bonn
A new Identification of the Bonampak Emblem Glyph.